Lincoln Elementary Announcements

Teacher of the Year and Para of the Year

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Miss Cross

Miss Cross was selected as this year’s Lincoln Teacher of the Year, Above and Beyond, Service to Children Award!!🏅

Miss Cross is completing her 5th year of teaching, including 2 years as a general education teacher and 3 years as a special education teacher.
Miss Cross has a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with a Minor in Special Education.
In addition, she has been trained and certified from Boys Town in Specialized Classroom Management. 
Miss Cross is currently working on her Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis. (This is the science of Behavior. It looks at what in the environment is causing a behavior to occur.)
Miss Cross comments below, on her passion for working with children:
“My 5th grade teacher inspired me to become a teacher. She discovered that reading was difficult for me and she provided me help through interventions.
Working with kids on a daily basis is what keeps me going. Their hunger for learning new things and the progress they make is always amazing to me.
Working with my paras and educating them on how to provide a creative and safe environment is great. Seeing their “AH HUH” moments once they understand a concept is fun to see.”
“Kids are the future, and if I can have any part in making their future great, then working with them is where I want to start.”

Louie Paulson

Ms. Paulson was selected for Lincoln’s Para of the year, Above and Beyond, Service to Children Award!

Ms. Paulson has proudly been employed as a paraprofessional at Lincoln Elementary for 26 years.
She has an Elementary Education degree and taught in the Grand Forks area for 18 years.
Her job at Lincoln includes working with grades 1 and 2, subbing in K-5, RASP homework teacher, and playground supervisor. 
In her own words: It has been an exciting adventure that I would not have traded with anyone. I went into education because I had a passion for learning and teaching. I felt I could really make a positive difference.
It is so rewarding to see a child’s face light up when he/she has made a connection!
Each day, in the life of a child it needs to begin with smiles and laughter. Always remember that one kind word can change a students entire day! Never lose hope that what we do as a para or a teacher can make a huge difference in a child’s life.
P.S To me, it is very important that each child be given a fresh start each day(everyday)!